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Director's Message

"I feel great pleasure in presenting this document to appraise you about Newton Public(N.P.S) at Gopalganj.
Schools are the most important institution in the society where future of a nation is givenshape by nurturing and developing children with great care and caution.
N.P.S is all set to provide quality education keeping in mind the all round development of your children for their success in today’s world of intense competition. NPS is committed to make your children physically, mentally and morally vibrant persons capable of facing the challenges independently. NPS sincerely hopes that parental participation in the school activities shall be available voluntarily as and when sought for. I appreciate your wish and desire to put your child under our supervision and guidance and I assure you the very best for your child in this institution."

- Dr. Seema Shahi

Vice Principal's Message

"Newton Public School (NPS), Gopalganj, is a day school run on public school lines. The medium of instruction is English and it follows the CBSE course.
The School aims at imparting quality education which is liberal and broad based, in order to turn out young ones with qualities of leadership, responsibility, initiatives and self-reliance and prepare them to enter the world of work as well adjusted, balanced and integrated personalities. Besides academic, due emphasis is, therefore, laid on sports, physical education and character building. with this end view, every effort is being made to inculcate in the students the habits of self help, self-discipline, selfless service and hard work, Adequate opportunities are provided to them to progress in the line their talents and capacities direct them and for this purpose a wide range of guided activities are planned and performed. Hobbies, cultural activities, elocutions, debates, declamations, quiz and essay-competitions are some of them, Efforts are also being directed towards finding out special talents in the students and they are given necessary help and guidance to prepare for the various competitive examinations.
Newton Public School as the name suggest, is christened after the name of the greatest scientist, who fabricated the backbone of modern science. And in the similar lines, the school is engaged in fulfilling the dreams and desires of all those who want to “Shine Like the Sun”."

- Ratikant Shrivastava

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