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General Guidelines for Parents/Guardians

  • Parents / Guardians should see that their wards are regular and punctual.
  • They should see the school diary of their wards everyday and ensure that appropriate actions are taken.
  • They should ensure that necessary books, note-books and other articles required for studies are made available to their wards.
  • Students must have proper school uniform and they should come to school neat and clean.
  • Parents must not enter classrooms either to see their wards or the teachers during class hours.They can do that only during the recess.
  • They are required to inform the school if there is any change in their address/telephone nos.
  • Children when sick, should not be sent to school to attend classes.
  • For any specific medical problems, the parents must inform the school authorities prior to the session/ at the time of admission.
  • Students are forbidden to contact outsiders without the permission of the Director/Principal/Teacher incharge.
  • Children availing school transport must be made ready well in advance so that the school vehicle is not delayed/or the child is not left out unnecessarily.
  • The parents attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of a teacher of the school in the presence of a child causes the child to lose his/her respect for the teacher and will retard his or her progress.
  • Parents/guardians are advised to maintain regular contact with the school authorities to get appraised with the progress of their wards.
  • They are advised not to detain their wards or allows them to miss their classes for long period for mere social function as it retards the student’s progress.
  • The case that justify the removal of a student by the school authorities are:
  • Parents should sign the progress report and return it to the school within three days.
  • Students are advised not to keep money or gold ornaments or electronic items like walkman, transistor, mobilephones etc in their possession.
  • Students are not supposed to have cash with them. If cash is brought, it should be deposited at the school office.


  • When a student is admitted in the school, the parents/guardians will be deemed to have gone through and accepted all these rules, regulations and customs of the school.
  • The school authorities reserve the right to modify and change from time to time the terms and conditions mentioned in the prospectus without any prior notice.