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Our Systems

Teaching-Learning Strategy

  • Innovative and learner oriented.
  • Class room equipped with all facilities.
  • Participative and interactive approach followed.
  • Maximum 30 students in each class. Student teacher ratio is less than 20:1
  • Faculty members highly qualified and experienced.
  • Necessary facilities for developing aesthetic sense and creative skills among students.

Medical Care / Sickness

  • At the time of admission the parents should submit reports of previous sickness, if any, and type of treatment given to their ward.
  • In emergency cases, the school takes the responsibility of taking the students for specialized medical care without waiting for the consent of the parents for getting them hospitalized. The expense for such treatment/hospitalisation shall be borne by the parents.

While all normal precautions are taken to ensure their safety, the school will not be liable for any damages on account of any injury which a students may sustain while in school or taking part in any activity organized outside the school. In case of sickness needing special attention guardians/parents are informed at the earliest.

Well Equipped Nurseries for Beginners

Nursery classes have all essential facilities to attract and motivate the tiny tots and create in them a liking “ to go to school”. Play and learn methods are used as children develop concepts and understanding of seeing. hearing and feeling.

House System

In order to promote group cohesion , solidarity, team spirit and competitiveness among the students a “ House System” with all together four houses, has been devised. Every student by virtue of his/her admission is affiliated to a particular house and till the end of his/her schooling remains a member there of. Each house has a house-teacher assisted by other teachers. A house captain and a vice captain are selected from amongst the students, The overall responsibility of the performance of the house rests on the shoulders of these persons. This generates a sense of leadership, healthy competition and unity. A number of inter-house cultural, sports and literary activities are organised and the winner house is declared champion and is awarded Suitably with a trophy. These activities keep the students alive throughout the year.

Monitors & Captains

Each class/section has a monitor either boy or girl. They perform duties assigned to them. Likewise each school vehicle has monitor who maintains discipline in the school vehicles. The school has a head boy and a head girl. The head boy, Head girl and house captains look after the school discipline.

School Band

The school band aims to inculcate artistic and melodious feelings among the blooming minds. It is played everyday during morning session/assembly, on occasions of festival celebration and during physical training shows.